Emergency Locksmith Services

24h support: +49030-555-79274

Max. waiting time until we reach your door is approximately 25-35 minutes.


Service and price dealed before executing the order.


The payment with a credit or debit card on the spot is possible.


The customer a detailed invoice inc. VAT.


We prefer a damage free opening if possible

(90% of cases)


Locksmith PREUSS Augsburg

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English speaking staff.

We are an experienced, reliable and fast

24 hour locksmith operating all over Augsburg. Our locksmith team

is serving you at anytime with an english speaking service. International guests are welcome. We are helping out AirBNB hosts and guests with our locksmith services.


Closed door?
Lost key?
Language Barrier?
Support: +4930-555-79274
Tür zu? Schlüssel weg?
Lösung: 030-555-79274
Emergency Locksmith

Our locksmith in Munich supports you at all emergency situations connected with door and lock:

We open the locked door as soon as possible in expected quality of the service. If you locked yourself out, lost or broke the key - We do repairments on door, lock

and cylinder for restoring appropiate security at your place. We are a local Berlin 24 hour emergency locksmith 

that is within 25 - 35 min. at your door and unlock your door as quick as possible for you.



Burglary Prevention

Live safe –

Active buglary prevention:

We restore door and lock after every ciminal incursion as well as remediate the damage. We use brand quality

products only. We offer individual security counceling for making your home more

safe at a fixed price.

We secure the door and lock function

after any criminal intervention at your door as 24h emergency locksmith in Berlin at anytime. We help to lock out criminal elements permanent with our high security locks.

Area Of Expertise

Our Expertise is to open EVERY door:


If you locked out our Berlin keyservice specialist open all kind of car doors as well as locks such as safe locks

and doors of higher security. We focused

on a damage free opening if possible. We

also like to open doors for business and public authorities.

As local keyservice we help out with broken locks and key inside of

locks. We repair and change cylinder and locks reliable and with highest standards.



Area Of Locksmith Operations



Duration of arriving 25-35min

24h Locksmith Service: +49176-4441-7360


Gerne können Sie uns jederzeit kontatkieren.


Das Einsatzgebiet unseres Schlüsseldienstes umfasst alle angezeigten Orte ohne Aufpreis.

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